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Simplify your Home Screen

You can customize the Freshservice Portal to suit any and every need of your users which takes you a step closer to provide a user-friendly touchpoint. For frequently asked requests like password reset, you can add extra icons on the end-user portal to quickly enable users to solve their issue.

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Setup Crisp Forms

Lengthy forms with irrelevant fields result in clunky user experience. Use dynamic forms to fetch contextual information from the user without bombarding them with too many fields to fill. If field names don’t convey the complete context to the users, use help texts and placeholder texts to let users navigate through the forms seamlessly.

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The ReDeLI Philosophy

The secret of implementing an efficient self-service portal is understanding the 4 phases involved: Research, Design, Launch and Improve. Here’s a blog that talks in detail about how you can break down your implementation by sailing through the 4 magic steps of ReDeLI.

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Learn from Real Examples

From good examples, you can learn the level of customization that can be delivered for your users. Here are a few service catalog examples from our customers to give you an idea of you can tailor-make the portal to suit your needs. 

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Shopify with Service Catalog

Often employees are unaware of services available in an organisation due to the disparate means available to access them. With the service catalog, provide a shopping experience to your end-users with a unified catalog for service items published on the end-user portal

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Setup a Knowledge Base

Empower end-users to solve their own issues by facilitating them with right and adequate knowledge artefacts. Document tried and tested solutions to enable end-users to solve their own issues without awaiting an agent’s help.

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Make it Conversational

What if you could report an issue or request an item in your service catalog by merely conversing with a Bot?  With Conversational Portal, users can interact with and raise tickets from the self-service portal in the most candid way possible.

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Onboard Employees with Ease

Setting up an onboarding process is critical to avoid a chaotic and bitter experience for your new hires. With the employee onboarding module, enable your HR team to onboard employees in bulk right from the self-service portal.

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Promote your Portal

Ensure all your employees are aware of the self-service portal. Stick posters around the office with the portal’s address to make it accessible for your employees. Here are a bunch of posters for you to get started with.


Inform your Employees

Sometimes putting out an email in the traditional way might help you inform your employees at scale about your portal’s launch. Here’s an email template you can send out to your employees with resources that help them kick-start their self-service experience


Educate your Workforce

A well-organized documentation is all your employees need to understand that there is an easy process in place to report issues, request assistance, or new services online. Use our comprehensive guide on accessing the IT Helpdesk Portal to educate and empower your end-users.


Curate a Glossary

A controlled vocabulary helps your users get quickly acquainted with the terms used in your portal. Use our glossary to get started with documenting your portal’s vocabulary.

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Stay on Top of Your Service Desk Metrics

A self-service portal should constantly evolve to cater to your users’ needs continually. Track the effectiveness of your self-service portal by analyzing and understanding your service desk metrics.

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Garner Feedback from End-Users

A feedback loop is always necessary to reflect and enhance the self-service experience. Send out CSATs periodically to users to understand their pain points and to constantly update your portal according to the users’ needs.

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Gain insights about your Knowledge Base

With employees using your articles to solve their issues, its important to understand how impactful they are to provide a great experience. Get a clean, bird’s eye view of all metrics associated with the articles in your knowledge base module to understand their usage. Use the insights tab to view articles ranked based on their usefulness score.

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