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Business value of Freshservice

Launch campaigns on time with a full view of your operations
Consolidate marketing efforts with a one-stop marketing shop
Optimise marketing processes with complete context

Launch campaigns on time with a 360 degree view of your marketing projects


Move away from messy spreadsheets to improve your marketing processes 

Gain complete visibility into incoming requests, ongoing campaigns and future projects. Gain clarity and be informed at all times on open projects, relevant tasks and timelines. Replace endless excel sheets with automated workflows to guide work from request to execution. Categorise incoming requests by team, prioritise by due date and assign to the relevant team member based on workload. Collaborate without confusion by building visibility into your marketing process. Accelerate output with intelligent ticketing and digital workflows.   

1 launch campaign illiustration 1 launch campaign illiustration

Consolidate marketing efforts with a one-stop marketing shop

Centralise marketing efforts across globally distributed marketing teams

Build a central portal to manage company-wide incoming marketing requests without the chaos of endless email chains. Consolidate your marketing and design teams and tools onto a single platform. Allow members to access different marketing technology from a single place without any dependencies. Publish brand guidelines to ensure marketing consistencies. Improve resource visibility for global marketing teams. Setup a repository of your brand assets, event swag, business cards etc to scale and standardise your marketing efforts.

2 consolidate marketing efforts illustration 2 consolidate marketing efforts illustration

Optimise marketing processes with complete context

Muscle up your marketing team to act quickly from concept to launch

Stay on top of your projects with in-built project management capabilities. Track status updates, view pending and open projects to ensure no requests fall through the cracks. Work across cross-functional teams with optimal collaboration and complete context. Build visibility into the marketing process with reports and dashboards. Use data to optimise processes  by identifying what’s working and where there is room for improvement. Build well-oiled marketing processes back by data-driven insights. 

3 optimise marketing process illustration 3 optimise marketing process illustration

Manage work, not software 

Say no to a lengthy, complex implementations and extensive training

Use a helpdesk that gets the job done without you having to break a sweat Get your helpdesk up and running with zero coding effort. Reduce IT dependencies with hassle-free maintenance, zero downtime and minimal training. Self-configure new workflows to adapt to changing business processes with preset templates and visuals workflows. With a modern, intuitive user experience, focus on your work, not the software. 

4 manage work illustration 4 manage work illustration

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