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Why companies choose Freshservice over ManageEngine SDP

Reason 1

Right-sized ITSM solution that will help you grow without the growing pains

ManageEngine does a lot of different things but they don’t do any of them particularly well, keeping your IT service desk operating in status quo. 

When you opt to maintain the status quo, the price you pay is for doing nothing. 

Freshservice is right-sized, so we are perfectly positioned to enable you to start with the essentials and scale rapidly as your service management needs grow to more mature use-cases with our low-code platform, bots, and automation, without requiring you to switch platforms.

Reason 2

No-code Platform that will help you work smarter with bots and automation

No scripting. No webhooks. No Deluge.

  • Rapidly deploy end-to-end IT automation across your enterprise with a simple-to-use, no-code orchestration platform.
  • Get instant value with Freddy Virtual Agent. Freddy Virtual Agent Virtual Agent does not involve any extensive configuration or bot training. It delivers value right from Day 1 deflecting tickets for your agents.

Reason 3

Active investment in product development with smooth releases and upgrades

Many of the newer enhancements in ManageEngine comes from integration with other Zoho stand-alone tools. With Freshservice, you get

  • Laser-sharp focus on product innovation to bring you new capabilities
  • Predictable release cycle
  • Easy upgrades without requiring additional developer resources
  • A proven, capable, and mature product (Named the only 'Challenger' in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools)

Reason 4

High returns with a short payback period of 3 months

Implementing Freshservice benefits organizations in the form of gains in agent productivity, end-user productivity, IT operations efficiency, and cost savings from the retirement of legacy systems.

You can achieve an ROI of 308% on your Freshservice investment and it’ll break even in less than 3 months.

Find out the potential value that your organization can realize with Freshservice here

Reason 5

Transparent, partner-like engagement model

Getting started on Freshservice is a breeze with our proactive support. We provide dedicated ITSM experts for implementation and onboarding and 24/7 customer support to make sure that you are successful in creating value out of your Freshservice investment without requiring additional resources or headcount.

We will be there every step of the way as a trusted partner.

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