Modern support channels to delight your employees

With more technologies that swarm our everyday lives, employees have come to expect technology in the workplace to match their experience at home.

Deliver delight with a modern platform solution that integrates support directly into your employees' experience. Drive efficiency with AI-driven chatbots and intelligent support.

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Built to manage your cloud

Born in the cloud, Freshservice is built with the ability to rapidly integrate and drive optimization in your cloud environment.

Optimize your SaaS license usage automatically, build powerful integrated workflows in minutes, and minimize the downtime of your critical applications.

built to manage your cloud built to manage your cloud
Experience faster time-to-value 

Freshservice focuses on delivering value, not complexity. Deploy ITIL-aligned processes without the need for a lengthy implementation cycle so you can deliver value to your team quickly.

Make changes on the fly and implement new processes without the dependence on developers and consultants.

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Leverage the full power of the Freshworks Platform

Context Driven Analytics
Custom App Platform
Scalable Cloud
Mobile App
Secure Cloud
Extensible App Marketplace

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