5 reasons why organizations choose Freshservice over Cherwell 

Reason 1


Cherwell is primarily offered as an on-premise product, which they also host for their customers, and so they are not true multi-tenant SaaS. This means that Cherwell will need to maintain numerous customer instances and will be slow to roll out new features.


Freshservice is cloud-native and a true multi-tenant SaaS product, so you can enjoy faster upgrades and swift access to our latest releases. 

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Reason 2

Easy setup and implementation

Cherwell requires heavy customization to deliver actual value. 

Freshservice works right out of the box and requires no additional development resources or customization effort.


You can implement and go-live in weeks rather than months with Freshservice. And we deliver a high ROI of 308% and a payback period of under three months with our right-sized service management solution.

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Reason 3

A truly modern experience

Cherwell was launched in 2007 and from the looks of it, they are still in 2007. 


Times have changed, and with it, Freshservice has evolved. A modern, intuitive user experience has been our asset since launch and has continued to stay that way through the years, simplifying even complex use-cases like service mapping and asset discovery. A recent Forrester report revealed that Freshservice’s simple and intuitive UI leads to greater adoption rates across the organization and improvement in user satisfaction.

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Reason 4

Extensibility and OOTB integrations 

Freshservice seamlessly integrates with a suite of 200 + service desk-specific apps.


Built upon an open platform and marketplace with connectors and APIs to extend and customize, Freshservice provides key differentiators such as Slack, MS Teams, Chat as service channels, and an easy developer experience that enables complex workflows, customizations, and analytics.

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Reason 5

Stellar customer support 

Change is hard. Even with a great product, you can still fail to realize value without deep product knowledge and access to industry best practices.


Freshservice covers the bases with in-depth documentation, an easy-to-use support portal, an active community, and 24x7 technical support to all its customers. And goes beyond with a dedicated customer success manager to assist you in optimizing your service management and helping you achieve superior business outcomes.

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Ivanti acquired Cherwell, and this is why you should be concerned

Earlier this year, Ivanti announced that it was acquiring Cherwell. Their acquisition of a competing platform with overlapping offerings serves as an immediate measure to increase market share and shareholder value, but has thrown Cherwell customers in the dark with little clarity on what lies ahead.

How will the two converge? What will happen to the customer experience? Meanwhile, as the ITSM landscape evolves, will it become outdated because of a lack of product development?

If you are a Cherwell customer anxious about the future, we suggest you use this as an opportunity to take stock of your ITSM Strategy and find the right partner to meet your needs. 

Here’s how Freshservice can help you fill the gap and modernize your service management.

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Easy effortless migration

Migrate from Cherwell quickly and efficiently

Dedicated migration assistance 

Our implementation specialists will closely work with you to migrate all your data and put together a comprehensive shared project plan, tailored to your requirements to ensure a hassle-free go-live.

Round the clock technical support

Our technical experts are available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and provide best practices on processes with the agility your business expects.

Dedicated customer success managers

Your CSM will work with you to ensure that you meet your customer experience goals. They'll define shared success KPIs, help with scaling up your Freshservice and review progress with you periodically.

Robust platform with a predictable roadmap

A fully-featured, ITIL-aligned service management solution

 With Freshservice, you get a single, unified platform for enterprise-wide service management with built-in Project Management, Asset Management, and Alert Management

Active investment in Product Development

 We are executing heads down on our product  roadmap designed to deepen our ITSM, ITOM and ESM capabilities to cater to the needs of modern organizations. Learn more from our monthly release notes

Transparent Pricing and Faster time to value

Freshservice follows a simple, transparent pricing that allows you to pick, choose and pay just for what you use.  With Freshservice, you can achieve an ROI of 308% and payback within 3 months or less. Learn more

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